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Sri Lanka Journal of Medicine
Formerly The Kandy Medical Journal
Published by the Kandy Society of Medicine
Leading article Pg
  1. Improving teaching in Medical Schools
    T. Varagunam
Research papers
  1. X chromatin in oral mucosal cells in some anomalies of sex differentiation
    E. R. Wikramanayake


  1. Reactions to Snake Venom Antisera: Study of pattern,
    severity and management at General Hospital,

    S. A. M. Kularatne
Point of view
  1. Need for Psychogeriatric Services for Sri Lanka
    K. A. L. A. Kuruppuarachchi
Case report
  1. Sexual abuse presenting as episodes of loss of consciousness
    Priyani Rathnayake
Vol. 9 No. 1
Jan. - June 2000
ISSN 1021-2604
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